Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Ecstatic! Thank you!

I am ecstatic! I have received an award from Keri at Teach Play Smile. Thanks, Keri I really needed a self-esteem boost.

The Sunshine Award rules are:
1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions below.
3. And pass the award to 10~12 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

* Favorite Color? 
My favorite color is green.  I love green (all shades)!

* Favorite Animal?
I really do not have a favorite animal so...I will choose an alligator because at a previous school the firsties and myself all had a jungle/safari team and chose an animal that went with our last name. I chose alligators. Therefore, I refer to my students as Allen's Awesome Alligators. I have acquired lots of alligators.

* Favorite Number? 
My favorite number is
* Favorite Drink? 

I really do not drink a lot of caffeine, but when I do I prefer Mountain Dew.
I also love 100% Ocean Spray Cranberry Juices.
On cold winter nights, I love homemade hot chocolate.

* Facebook or Twitter?
I am a member of both, but I only FB.

* Your Passion? 
My passion is my family. I love my hubby and three children. They are my world.
* Giving or Getting Presents?
Well--Honestly, I love both!

* Favorite day? My most favorite day of the year is Christmas.

* Favorite flowers? 
My most favorite flowers are lillies and hygrandeas.


Choosing my favorite blogs was difficult...I love most all teacher ones! Here are a few:

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Check out all these blogs and the others on my blogroll too!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm Thankful Linky

I have many things to be thankful. Each day on my personal facebook, I have dedicated a post to the Thirty Days of Thankfulness in November. Here are a few:
Day 1- I am thankful for Christ my savior.
Day 2-I am thankful for my husband, my soulmate, and the wonderful father to our adorable children.
Day 3-I am thankful for my sister. We are sisters by birth; friends by choice.
Day 4-I am thankful for my sweetpea daughter-bright and ambitious girl.
Day 5- I an thankful for my first son. He has taught me not to take the little things in life for granted. Awesome kid!
Day 6-(This would have also been my mom's 60th birthday.) I am thankful to have had a loving,caring, AWESOME mother. She is my guardian angel.
Day 7- I am thankful for my baby boy-a pistol, full of energy. He definitely keeps me young.
Day 8- I am thankful for the right to vote (voting day)
Day 9- I am thankful for everlasting friends.

Day 10-I am thankful for a roof over my head, a place that my family and I can call home. A House is made of sticks, bricks, and stone BUT a home is made from love alone.
Day 11-I am thankful for the all the Veterans.

Day 12-I am thankful for Twizzlers candy. I like the cherry flavor.
Day 13-I am thankful that Chris and I have a job in this terrible economy.
Day 14-I am thankful for Coke.
(This was a crazy week. I hardly ever drink coke anymore. This week I posted two sugary treats.)
Day 15- I am thankful for my children's caring pediatrians. (Dylan had to go to the doctor.)
Day 16-I am thankful for my mother and father in-law. They always strive to treat me at their daughter.
Day 17-I am thankful for a warm home to rest my head at night. (BRRRR-cold night here is GA.)
Day 18-I am thankful for fries on "Fry" day. (Each Friday, we get fries from Chick-fil-a.)
Day 19- I am thankful for good friends and fun times.
Day 20-I am thankful for good neighbor (at school and in my neighborhood).
Day 21- I am thankful to have a week off to spend with my family.

Thanksgiving Fun

Now that I am on Thanksgiving Break, I have some time to blog. I have been so busy teaching, learning, and growing with my students. I wanted to tell about a super fun activity.
On Friday, my class and two first grade classes celebrated Thanksgiving "Charlie Brown" style. It was so fun. While the students watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving for video storytime, they also enjoyed a little feast. The students enjoyed eating toast, popcorn, pretzel sticks, and jelly beans just like Charlie Brown and his friends.

BTW-I can not wait until we return to school. It will be "the most wonderful time of the year." I love the Gingerbread series I have created.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Giveaway

If you are thankful for ANYTHING (and I know all of us are), then you need to head on over to First Grade A la Carte because Kathy is having a giveaway that you do NOT want to miss.