Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday

It is has been a while since I have blogged with even summer almost at end. I have been extremely busy! I am working to expand my Learn With ME facebook community. Please join me on Facebook for updates too! Anyway, one way to get back in the swing is with Five for Friday from Doodlebugs Teaching

These pics are beginning stages of this year-I moved classrooms this week and starting setting up my new room. I am revamping quite a few things including classroom library and labels (Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference.) I'm ready for a little change.

I went shopping for some items and I have a few projects to create!

I learned from Megan's Tutorial at I Teach What's Your SuperPower how to create a watermark for my photos. I created it step by step as she was explaining. I had to pause, but it was a success.  I am super excited!

This pull has survived many moves and classroom. Barksdale Elementary is where I learned what teaching is ALL about. I learned from the best mentors! Proud to have been a Barksdale Buccaneer!

Date Day with my Love and our friends!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday

Another week of teaching fun! This week began with a Teacher Workday after a week of Spring Break! 

This is one the main reason I was happy for Teacher Workday on Monday! I was still in vacation mode. Relaxing and fun in Caribbean.

Reviewing for Time and Money is so much fun using Scoot!  We played Time Scoot on Tuesday! 

Telling Time Scoot

Happy that is wasn't a full moon this week, nor school the day after Easter (candy overload)!
 (taken on our cruise during Spring Break)

Wrapping up the school year, yes I am counting down this year! My teammate and I have also decided to take a twist with the last couple of days of school and have our educational, fun activities centered around an acrostic to
Summer safety, sunglasses, and shades
Under the sea-Ocean fun shells, birds, safety and summer sand"bucket" list ( I will link copy of th the freebie soon)
My games from home-board game fun with our kiddeos!
Minecraft fun with our kiddes
Eat-Make ice cream in a bag
Recess and Read

We are super excited!

Friday is Friday Night Lights at my house. My teammate and other friends all join at my house. Out kids play while we socialize and have fun! Tonight my daughter made guacamole! Yummy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teachers Are Heroes Sale at TpT

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a HUGE sale Wednesday and Thursday, February 25 and 26!  

I've recently added several new items in Math!  Be sure to check them out by clicking Math!

Here are some that I have been using lately!