Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catching Up

School year 2015/2016 comes to an end! Lots of changes were in store-my teamie and I were not going to departmentalized any longer (we had both mutually and cheerfully wanted to have "our own class"-not in a selfish way, but somewhat). Of course, she and I remained besties! Our school is growing rapidly and that also means trailers/portables--We are calling them Learning Cottages. These pictures reflect our summer--last year!

WE are ecstatic! We were actually at the school (we also live across the street from the school!)  when our new classrooms arrived!

New Stool for my classroom-my design

We are Learning Cottage Cobras.  The units aren't even connected and it was still awhile. We actually were moving in on the day of Open House!

looks spacious (We lost about 400 square feet, but it all worked out very well!)

Each classroom has two bathrooms and two water fountains and a sink.

to the hall with our stuff

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