Monday, September 19, 2011

Ancient Greece Part 2

We are finishing our study on Ancient Greece this week and moving to Roots of Democracy and American Government. However, I wanted to share an awesome website that I found in regards to Ancient Greece. So click HERE. It is filled with awesome PowerPoint Presentations. (Of course, you will need to  have viewed them previously before showing to your students due to Greek statues and art.) We finished reading Hour of the Olympics and my students were amazed with the story's ending. They truly understand Greek life. They created are going to create Venn Diagrams and use the charts to show me their understanding in how their life is similar, yet different than that of Ancient Greek boys and/or girls. We are wrapping up our studying with Greek Architecture and its importance. We are even making our own buildings. Look for them as well as our masks soon. Lastly, we are having an "Ancient Greek Olympic Day". We are going to run footraces, throw the discus (frisbee), javelin (broomstick), and I have not quite figured out how to portray chariot races, but make let try human wheelbarrow races. All this tomorrow and Wednesday along with CoGAT testing. Pics by Thursday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ancient Greece

We have started our study on Ancient Greece and are leading to the Roots of Democracy in America as well as Government. Yes, that is ALOT to cover in third grade and that is only the first quarter along with Map Skills and the contributions and who is Paul Revere.
Enough rambling and to my beginning--I am using Hour of the Olympics a book in the Magic Tree House collection by Mary Pope Osborne to guide my students and myself (for fun) in the Ancient Greece.

I am also using this awesome website find---Hour of the Olympic Lesson Plan Ideas.
Last Thursday, we read and discussed the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. I had my girls create Olive Branch "halos" and the boys created masks to be used for drama. However, I used a different spin. I wanted my students to understand that men and boys portrayed men, women, boys, and girls in the theater. I made small slips of paper with the gender-male or female-and a feeling word. I will post pics. On Friday, we discussed Patriots Day. Today we found out Where in the World is Greece? Where in Europe is Greece? and Look at Greece. I will also scan and post these maps tomorrow (as I am doing this-I should really be doing sub plans because my babysitter was in a car accident and will not be able to watch my little one tomorrow. Daddy took of couple weeks ago. So now it is mommy's turn. I guess I will do that next.)
Come back tomorrow for pics and maps.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Proud to Be An American


 On the eve of the tenth anniversary of 9-11, I sit and reflect of what I was doing on that tragic day----and as Lee Greenwood's song, I am Proud to Be an American  runs through my mind.
On 9-11 ten years ago, I was teaching a class of first graders. I can vividly remember the school's administrative assistant coming by my classroom to tell me to not turn on the television. I was like why--why would I turn on the television, I never do (She could even testify to that herself having been my teacher assistant the previous year.) . Little did I know all the chaos happening in the world, I was in the moment of teaching. Quite frankly, I am glad I did not see all the news coverage until later in the day and for many days to come. I can remember, however, thinking will my own little girl see her first birthday, does this mean war in America on America soil? Well, there has been a war--a war on terrorism and yes, my little girl did see her first birthday two months later. Tonight I think about those first graders, I am proud to say that I kept them safe and away from the media at that moment. I am proud to say that I am an American. I am proud to say that I will wave and raise the red, white, and blue all day anyday. I am proud to say for Christmas when I was four years old, my one Christmas gift that I wanted most was an American Flag. I proudly sing those words in the song sang by Lee Greenword and even Bruce Springsteen, Born in the U.S.A.
     Friday, I was speaking with my class and we were discussing the defintion of a patriot, a loyalists, and a citizen. We made (are making) windsocks to show our appreciation for our country. I believe on Monday we will have an even better discussion as we continue our study on the Roots of Democracy. I think I will even use the brainpop video on 9-11 (to help those that were not even born) for better understanding.