Monday, September 19, 2011

Ancient Greece Part 2

We are finishing our study on Ancient Greece this week and moving to Roots of Democracy and American Government. However, I wanted to share an awesome website that I found in regards to Ancient Greece. So click HERE. It is filled with awesome PowerPoint Presentations. (Of course, you will need to  have viewed them previously before showing to your students due to Greek statues and art.) We finished reading Hour of the Olympics and my students were amazed with the story's ending. They truly understand Greek life. They created are going to create Venn Diagrams and use the charts to show me their understanding in how their life is similar, yet different than that of Ancient Greek boys and/or girls. We are wrapping up our studying with Greek Architecture and its importance. We are even making our own buildings. Look for them as well as our masks soon. Lastly, we are having an "Ancient Greek Olympic Day". We are going to run footraces, throw the discus (frisbee), javelin (broomstick), and I have not quite figured out how to portray chariot races, but make let try human wheelbarrow races. All this tomorrow and Wednesday along with CoGAT testing. Pics by Thursday.

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