Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some pics of Ancient Greece and a Freebie

We have been so busy growing and learning AND adapting to third grade. Needless to say, I have been working my "tail off". I have not posted as often or as much as I would like, but maybe since the second nine weeks is about to begin and there is now the students are beginning to learn a sense of repsponsibility, independence, and "third grade life"....I will get to posts more often and share in our classroom fun.

First quarter in social studies has been quite exciting. We have learned about Ancient Greece and its relationship to the United States Roots of Democracy. (This is only one small portion, but we created masks to portray the theater in Greece, created blueprints and built new buildings (remembering the three Greek Columns).  Here are some pictures:

Parent/Teacher Conferences begin this week for my school. I have created a "talking" sheet to help me stay on track during Parent/Teacher Conferences this week. It is a word document so that you can change and/or insert your information.

Click here!
Enjoy-come back and I will hopefully have a post tomorrow.

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  1. Heard you are having a birthday-have a wonderful day.♥♫