Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Organizing Your Classroom

With my recent move, I thought I would do a short series on organizing your classroom. How do you get this.....

Pictures from my garage (View 1)
View 2
View 3

          AND these.....

looking like an organized classroom--ready for students.

There are some really neat classroom organizing tools out there for those people that like to see it on paper first. One is the Classroom Setup Tool from Scholastic.

So now time to think about:

  • setting up my classroom library
  • large group area
  • small group area(s)
  • seating arrangement
  • wall displays
  • "my space"
  • storage
I am old fashion I guess you might say.  I still make lists, draw out my classroom maybe I should say-I just get in the classroom and move furniture and stuff around (usually with the help of my sister). This year I will not have that privilege because we are 4 1/2 hours away from one another. So I guess I will be getting in shape (or not moving as much stuff). I will be placing things where I want it from the start.  I have conferred with her on class arrangement (as I always do-she just will not be here to see in person-I will have to describe and take pics.)
Oh- I made this freebie circles that spell out WELCOME. I am going to use this somewhere either in the hallway or in my classroom.

Stay tuned for more pics and progress!


More Freebies for all FANS of A Class*y Collaboration Facebook page.


Monday, July 15, 2013


Be sure to check out the new adventures happening at A Class*y Collaboration.

We have lots of fun in the works on our new adventure. You do NOT want to miss out on the first one (or any). 

Each author has designed and created a specialty pack for EVERY follower. All you have to do is follow A Class*y Collaboration. The fun for being one of the first followers will last from July 16-July 30.  (And for those that are already following, don't worry you get the freebie pack too. Just be sure to enter you information into the widget.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Organizing Pinterest

I have been busy organizing my Math Pinterest Board. I have taken all the Math concepts and organized them into categories. This will make the concepts of Math readily accessible . I have titled each one beginning with Math. The organized categories are:
math-fractions and decimals
math-place value
math-multiplication and division
math-number sense
math-addition and subtraction
math-measurement and data
math-upper grades + 
math-problem solving
math-operations and algebraic thinking
math technology (smartboard)---However, this board includes more technology
math-games (generic skills)
There is still the board Math for some generic things.
Therefore, if you followed my Math Board only, you might want to hurry on over and follow the other Math boards too so that you don't miss out on anything. 

Reading and Writing could be my next project.  However, I have a lot of things to organize as I am changing schools and grade levels next year. I am beginning a new adventure. Therefore, I have decided to keep my blog name the same with the little blurb-showing that I am a teacher and blogger for all learners.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A New Blog and Freebies TOO!

Collaboration among teachers is very crucial. With the help of the internet and blogworld, teachers world wide can share ideas. I am very excited to be teaming with a group of fabulous teacher bloggers as we begin our journey to share with you.

I recently posted and some other authors have posted too. I have a freebie there for you to grab. So be sure to drop by very soon.