Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why is Making Connections Important?

I have not blogged in so long.....
Today I had to leave school because one of my sons got sick (Yuck!). So I was instructed by three AP's at one time to pack it up and go home. That is exactly what I did. I carried out one huge bookbag filled with teacher stuff to do, a laptop bag filled with a computer and papers to grade, as well as, my Thirty One lunch bag, and my purse. Needless, to say I did that first before trying to get my little one. Then, he was able to walk out, but not without getting sick (I believe this time he may have a stomach virus. Usually every year around this time, he seems to want to play hookie and get sick. However, this time may be different. He did not want to eat (not even fries-his all time favorite). At first, he wanted to watch television, but that lasted about 30 minutes. Then, he was out--asleep. So I decided to blog (because I could not tell you what was even on television. No, I do not even have anything on the DVR because really I do not watch t.v.) Anyhow, I was able to sneak in this blog writing for today while he has slept. Poor  baby!


Why is Making Connections Important?

Making Connections are important because:

  1. It allows reader's to use background knowledge (schema) to connect to self, text, world, and/or media.
  2. It shows that student's are thinking as they are reading.Therefore, student's are engaged during their reading.
  3. It allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the text when meaningful connections are made.
     Teachers should teach students how to make meaningful and authentic connections through think-alouds across a variety of lessons using each type of connection.

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