Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is in the Air and Zero the Hero

I have been working on some oldies with a techno effect. This means a long time ago I made some games the "old-fashion" way-you know the copy and paste and tape and markers and .....Well, I brought home some of these games and now I am making them using techno and posting them in my store.
Here is my newest series-Say, Stamp...
I have three versions thus far:
Say, Stamp, Write, Draw (Spring Words)
Say, Stamp, Write, Syllables (Earth Day Words)
Say, Stamp, Trace, Write (Dolch Words-Pre-Primer)

Here is a sneak peek at Dolch Words Pre-Primer

I will be working on more too.
I am also creating a Mystery Unit suitable for second and third graders and a Stock Market Unit suitable for fifth graders.
What are you working on?

Here is another tidbit I learned while blogstalking this evening-Go to Love2learn2day and enter the Zero the Hero discover how the book was "born" and join the giveaway.

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