Thursday, August 29, 2013

50th item in TpT-Back to School

I am excited to announce my 50th item in my store-Teacher Binder (Jungle Theme)
Here is a sneak peak

I am using this to organize all my forms (You know from grade level meetings, student data, lesson plans, faculty meetings, RTI (or as the new trend is becoming-MTSS-Multi-tiered Student Support), and much more paperwork.

Tomorrow is the our 10th day of school. (I promise to post classroom pics very soon.) We are beginning to settle in and become experts at changing classes. My school is departmentalized. I teach Math, Science, and Social Studies and my teamie teaches ELA. 
Here is a blog only freebie of something we used during the first week of Math.
 I have many more items entering my store language arts and math related, as well as, organization. 
Be sure to check back soon!

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