Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daily 5 (I call them Literature Choices)/Book Boxes

Ok-here is my blurb on Daily 5.
I have been teaching quite awhile and can say I have taught a variety of grade levels Pre-K through 5th grade. I have used centers that include changing the learning concept/game every week to include Math, Reading, Listening, Social Studies, Science, Media Center, Phonics, Pocket Chart, Computer, and Art. I have used Literacy Centers to include only Language Arts Concepts too. I began using Daily 5 three years ago. I know if it works in a kindergarten classroom, it will work in third too. Anyway, this is how I set up my Daily 5 which I include only 4. I allow the students to choose Read to Self, Read to a Partner, Listening, and Word Work.  I teach the routines and procedures just as described in The Daily 5 .
This is a typical is a typical Reading schedule:
Reading Workshop mini-lesson 1 on Lang. Arts/Reading concept
Practice/Daily 5 choice 1 (While the students are at each choice, I am teaching a guided reading group/literature circles/conferencing)
Reading Workshop mini-lesson 2 on Lang. Arts/Grammar concept
Practice/Daily 5 choice 2
Reading Workshop mini-lesson 3 on Lang. Arts/Phonics concept
Practice/Daily 5 choice 3

Although my students have four choices, they only do three choices a day. I usually have enough for only 6 students to do Listening to Reading.
I teach Writing Workshop separately.
This year as I move to third grade, I know reading workshop will "run" differently so I am sure I will make some changes in my mini-lesson idea.....but that is the fun thing about teaching-Every Day IS a New Day.

I allow students to use a variety of books during the Daily 5 choices. During Read to Self and Read to/with a Partner, students may use their book boxes. I use these ice bin holders from Wal-Mart.

Each student has one. I simply will take off the new label ( I had to get some new ones to make sure I had enough for my students this school year. Therefore, I have it waiting to find its home at school.) and place a cutsie label on it. I usually just use the typical labels one would use that you find at the teacher stores or now Target and write with a Sharpie the student's name on it. I have a special place for all the book boxes in the classroom. Last year, my class was so cute-whenever we had clean up time, I would see the students over at the shelf organzing the book boxes in abc order (This was first grade. However, they were having fun while cleaning and learning-can't get any better somedays.)

I wish I could posts more pictures of my choice board and book box shelf, but those are at school. I absolutely am refusing to step my foot in the classroom until August 1 (when pre-planning begins). I have good reason too-I have three children of my own. We have had an amazing summer and I want to enjoy every minute I can with them and my hubby.
How do you organize your Reading Workshop? Do you include centers or do you use Daily 5? Please share!


  1. Thanks for sharing how you do this...I have always done centers but want to do Daily 5 this year and am a little nervous...I appreciate insight into how others are going to do it:) Love your blog:) I'm a follower:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I LOVE the Daily Five, it works! I also have the FCAT scores to prove it! But that's a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day! :)
    I have only done it with 2nd and now 3rd, you will really love it, they get the routine very quickly.
    Anyway...I want to really thank you for the ice cube holder idea. The first year I spent some big bucks at IKEA and the boxes were trashed with just normal wear and tear. Then I went to ZipLoc Baggies, but I'm tired of them now too...I can't wait to get to Wal*Mart!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!