Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Classroom Items Linky Party

I am linking up with Ladybug's Teacher Files Classroom Items Linky Party.  Look what I found at Target today!
 This is my Dr. Seuss collection. I got silly bands, book marks, buttons, pencils, stickers, post it pad, and a pair of crazy socks for me. I also got me two colored baskets that I can put in the middle of my tables (desks). They had red and blue. I will continue looking for green and yellow (between my sister and I looking at Target).
 Earth's Core and President Puzzles
 Non-Fiction Books about animals, 50 states and Presidents
 Adventure chapter books for boys
 Dictionaries (I got ALL that my Target had-14. I plan to give these to my students to keep. Of course, I am looking for more because I will definitely have more than 14 students. LOL!)
 I got these cute dry erase lined white boards (both sides). I thought I could use these at Word Work.
 Desktop Pocket Chart Stand-I got two. I have one that I got with points from Highlights years ago. I plan using at Word Work.
 A teacher can never have too many pocket charts. I got this one because I love green. I will replace it with my red one and use my red one for Word Work.
And of course, I got my darlings some surprises too. Phineus and Ferb cup and socks for Dylan. Polka dotted notepad and gel pens for Ashleigh, and Disney Alphabet book for Austin.

Oops-almost forgot--Name plates, stickers, Happy Birthday stickers, Name Plates ( I will use for book boxes, and behavior chart), and two-sided bookmarks.
All of my items were from the dollar spot. The baskets were there too and the desktop pocket charts, but they were $2.50 each. All in all, I did great!
No I am not ready for summer to end, but I do have some cool finds for my room. I will continue to spend summer with my kiddeos and have fun! (as well as blogstalk too)


  1. How can you not LOVE Target after all those wonderful finds?!