Thursday, April 12, 2012


Next, we read Jumanji This was an exciting lesson full of opportunities to infer and visualize. We started the lesson reviewing verbs by singing and acting out a verb song. Then, I had taped together pages of the text. I stretched the text through the center of the classroom. Each student had a highlighter. I asked them to highlight the verbs in the text.

They seemed to have fun. Then, I read some of the verbs. We had discussed the difference between strong verbs and boring verbs. We assigned a signal to a strong verb and a signal for boring verb. As I read each verb, we created a chart of both kinds of verbs using the signal. Then, I proceeded to read the book. Throughout reading the book, we stopped to discuss strong verbs and boring verbs, make inferences, draw conclusions, and make visualizations. The students really enjoyed this book. As the ticket out the door--nothing fancy. I had the students find the strong verbs in a passage using a highlighter. They also completed a story matrix telling the characters, the setting, the problem, the solution, the clues, and the theme of Jumanji.

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