Friday, February 1, 2013

Non-Fiction and SQ3R (Recite)

Non-Fiction Part 5

SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review

Recite-Answer your questions aloud or teach another person what you learned.

Several lessons were modeled, scaffolded, and practiced during this part of the process. We used non-fiction and fiction to help us understand recite. Recite is a synonym for retell. Therefore, I began the first lesson by asking the students to retell their elbow partner what they did yesterday after school I listened to the students. After each partner had a turn, I called the class together and told them what I had heard. We created part of the Venn-Diagram you see below, as well as, a list of transition words used by people when retelling. We discussed that they have been retelling stories since before Kindergarten. I also told them when teachers ask them to tell or write about a story with a beginning, middle, and end that this is retelling. I also told them that retelling, however, is mostly done outside of school (classrooms) using words (by talking). I related this to books that also have retold by and an author's name. We discussed how stories from long ago were "handed" down or told by elders. (Somewhat an introduction to legends and folktales that are to come in the curriculum.)

Here is a little outline of how the lessons in this segment were completed:
  • Day 1-Introduce (What is recite?)-Retell a friend about what you did yesterday after school. Make a list of what heard during converstion and make a list of transition words heard. Discuss what transitions words are and purpose. Students create flap on booklet. Students read a fiction book of choice.
  • Day 2- Reread/review anchor chart and what is means to recite. Teacher read a book aloud to students. Stopping for students to retell to elbow partner throughout the book. Students finish reading and/or reread fiction book. Retell to puppet. Add to anchor chart.
  • Day 3-Review anchor chart and transition words. Students read a different fiction book. Students retell a partner. Add to anchor chart.
  • Day 4-Use document camera and students have a copy of text (non-fiction). Read in segments, stopping to retell elbow partner.Add to anchor chart/reread.
  • Day 5-Students will use leveled readers (non-fiction) to read and retell to partner.

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