Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer-and a change

I told myself and my little family that I would not think about school much this summer. Well, we went to the library today. I checked out kids books (Social Studies and Science topics) to make some new games. SO, I will be working on those, but mainly I will be going to the pool, going to the library, and oh yeah-My family and my sister's family are going to Orlando and on a Disney Cruise.

This month (probably tomorrow) I will be changing my blog's name as I will be teaching third grade next year. It is bittersweet, but I can tackle this challenge as I am needed in upper grades due to my test scores and being a "strong" teacher ( btw-I have taught third and fifth-well a variety of grade levels)! I am even (a teensy, weensy bit) somewhat excited. So stayed tuned for lots of changes in blogland.

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