Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Building Vocabulary

     Part of the Georgia Third Grade curriculum is building vocabulary through learning Greek and Latin Roots.

Our county is using some of Tim Raskinki's Building Vocabulary books as a part of Word Study. I have been implementing lessons in a bi-weekly manner. One week a Greek or Latin Root ,and one week a spelling pattern. 
    Basically, I have been doing these rotations for for about 7 weeks. My class readily caught on to the  routine/ format and WOW! It is amazing how the transfer has carried over and stuck. Students are even finding words in their chapter books (making connections, expanding vocabulary, seeing transfer). This is exciting. I have only the Building Vocabulary From Word Roots book. Of course, it does not cover all the roots we use. Therefore, I used it as a guide to adapt and create my own lessons.
Here is a short run-down of what I do each week.

Monday-Introduce--Meet the Root OR Determine the spelling pattern usually through a game (sometimes a discovery lesson which is more student-centered, but sometimes teacher-directed with posters and direct instruction)
Tuesday-Review/Add New Words and Draw/Sculpt the Root-Students choose a word/partners guess the word based on the drawing/sculpture (made of playdoh or clay) With spelling patterns-We sort the "list". New words are introduced. This is also an opportunity to discuss defintions (vocabulary) and students make/play concentration.
Wednesday-Review through teacher created riddles (Extend to students creating riddles/guessing.) Introduce new words through context. Students work with a partner to learn the meaning of two or three words used in context based on background knowledge.Other activities might include making words, playing scattegories type game, or playing a charades type game.
Thursday-Bingo or another type game to review
Here is another link to the products:Building Vocabulary

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  1. Interesting! I like this approach. We do vocab but it really just goes along with the stories we read each week! Either way I think vocab is important!