Friday, June 6, 2014

June Currently

With the school year coming to a close, (Today is my daughter's last school day. Mine was on Tuesday of this week, and my son's was last Friday.), I am ready to reflect on the school year and plan for next year. With our move, there were many firsts and many changes, but through it all-I am proud to say-We made it! This year I had my first experience team teaching. I taught Math, Science, and Social Studies and my teamie taught English Language Arts. This was a first for me. I am also in second grade. This was also a first for me as a classroom teacher. I completed a rigorous teacher evaluation system standard known as SAFE-T in my school district and passed both quarters with a perfect score each time. YIPPEE!!YEAH!!PTL!I created lots of new games and activities---now with my summer I can post and upload to my TpT store. I am hoping to gain more blogging friends and posts more for teachers not only on my blog, but also the collaborative blog in which I am an author also.   So watch for all these happenings. Now for a summer starter, I will begin by joining Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade

My Currently is pretty much easy to understand, but I will elaborate on some parts:
Listening-I can hear the clock ticking, the refrigerator, and the air conditioning. My kids are playing upstairs and I actually have some “mommy”  time . SHHH! (I definitely am not complaining because this is a rarity-a BIG rarity. I will take it while I can.)
Loving-I am loving that it is SUMMER break! I have activities planned for my kids, tutoring, and vacationing. Loving LIFE!
Thinking-I am thinking that I need to blow dry my hair to meet my hubby for lunch.
Wanting-I am wanting a glass of sweet tea (that will be  later) . I am also wanting to upload all the cool games  and activities I made this year for my classroom.
Needing-I need to stick to an exercise regime and eat clean. (Use those Pinterest finds.)-I have many pins about about exercise and food so you would think this would be a easy task. My mind seems to focus on the eating clean in the summer especially with planning. So I will begin with baby steps and hopefully get back to where I was in the eating and exercise department of my life before the move. 
Summer Bucket List: 
 1. Celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary with my husband on a getaway. (We are both so ready for a vacation, but this will be special because as we love our children dearly this will be a mommy and daddy date week.. Of course, we will have a vacation with our kids later in the summer too.)
2. Visit my sister (and her family)
3. Explore my new hometown with my new friends (blueberry picking, farmers' market, fun in the sun, date nights, couples, and kids--lots to explore and do)

 what are you up to this summer? How was your school year? 

Laugh for the day--My four year old just walked up to me during "electronic time", he has his ipad and is watching kids play cars and games. Before the actual video footage is a commercial from Arm and Hammer Baking Soda, he shows me the video and says see mom I told you baking soda can make everything smell fresh and clean. That is why we need more from the pantry.  (So he can be my first step to all-natural, "clean" cleaning.) Too cute!


  1. Sweet tea! I love it! They have it here(in Michigan... at McDonald's) but it's not "real". I love how it's just an option down South when we travel. Good luck with your blog and your already-started-summer-vacation! :)

  2. That is so awesome you and your husband have been married 20 years! Go you! I love hearing how long people have been married. I'm celebrating my 1st anniversary and hope to still be celebrating for years to come even when we have kids! Good luck in your new town! Looks like you have plenty to explore and summer is a great time for that!

  3. Super jealous you are on summer break. 15 more days for me!