Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Currently

I can't believe it is July-Time Flies!


At home learning fun-each day my boys practice handwriting a letter, number, and their names. Then, we do a craft and other fun activities.


Each week my husband and I have a "date night" (just he and I). I think this is very important for relationships. It helps "get away" from the everyday routine in life.


All the teachers were asked to pack their classrooms (except for those kindergarten teachers in rooms constructed for K). We are not allowed back into our school until July 25.


My husband put some trim and crown molding in our dining room, foyer, and hall bathroom. My job is to putty and get ready for paint. Ugh!


I love summer snacks-tomatoes,cucumbers, cheese, celery, brownies, muffins, crackers, hummus, blueberries, strawberries, ..... 

4th plans

Riding in our boat with family and a picnic-Summer Fun at its best.  

Head on over to find out what everyone else is doing currently.


  1. So great to see your blog! It's my first time here and I am glad I found you! Have a fantastic and relaxing summer with your boys, hubby, and projects! :o)

    Hip Hooray in K!

  2. I love date night!! We don't have any kids right now so it is easy to get out but...it's still fun to know it's actually date night. I also cannot wait to get back into my classroom. I am moving rooms and don't know where yet!!!


  3. Hey Delena! Oh wow, your 4th plans sound amazing! I would totally be on a boat every day if we had one :) I hope you and your hubby enjoy date night! It's a great idea to make sure you are staying in sync and getting in that quality time. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Date night-quality time with hubby and still in love (20 years married in August). We have been a part of each others' lives for 24 years.
      Learn with ME in Grade Three