Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions in the Classroom

New Year's is here! Don't leave your students out! Here are two ways that I have incorporated New Year's Resolutions with my students.

The person above is simply a circle the students decorate to look like him/herself. Add a triangle party hat with some designs made with construction paper scraps. The horn blower is also construction paper that has been rolled into a cylinder and taped to the mouth.
(This the one I made last year.)
The picture of above is three bells that students traced onto construction paper and cut out. The student made three resolutions.  One resolution was a resolution for home, school, and self. Not only did the students write the resolution, but write a way or two that the resolution could be accomplished. The students then glued the bells onto a complimentary color of construction paper, added words, graffiti, have students share. Display with the above person and a heading such as "Ringing in the New Year" and viola. You are done!
Happy New Year!

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