Monday, January 7, 2013

Problem Solving and What's for Dinner

You are probably wondering how do problem solving and dinner go together. Well, sometime dinner is a problem we all have to solve. Therefore, I have one Monday Made It for you related to solving your problems for dinner, one for dinner planning, and one for your students to help when problem-solving in Math.
What's for dinner?
Tonight my family is having Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken from My Real Food Family. I placed on a whole-wheat tortilla, added some cheese, and some black beans. Viola!

The second item is a menu planner to ease your dinner problem-solving stress.

Last, you can ease the stress in Math. I am always telling my AC Math students to show their work. We created an anchor chart together of what that means. I have it hanging in the front of the room. I also taught them to use this activity sheet, Math Problem-Solving Model, as a guide especially when solving word problems.  They are no longer in the novice stage of where to begin when I say, "Prove It" of "Show Your Work" because this guides them to use  pictures, math thinking in words, and numbers (equations). Each area also has a short explanation.

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