Friday, January 25, 2013

Non-Fiction and SQ3R (Survey)

Non-Fiction Part 2

     Last time, I discussed how the second graders worked on becoming familiar with non-fiction. If you missed out, check out Non-Fiction-What is it? Post. As our lessons continued from teacher modeling/scaffolding, the students began practicing using text mapping and using non-fiction text features to predict and answer reading comprehension questions. I used a variety of non-fiction books, as well as, articles from Read Works for students' practice. (If you have not checked out Read Works, you need to do so because it is an incredible resource.) After several articles, I introduced SQ3R.

 SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review.

Each lesson was a component took 1-2 days of teaching and modeling, scaffolding, and practicing independently. 

SURVEY-BEFORE reading look and discover the non-fiction text features. Students will make predictions about the text. Asking self-What am I going to read? What do I think this article, story, book, excerpt, .... will be about?

 We began by making a 6 fold booklet. At the  beginning of each  lesson, the students defined the SQ3R component on the inside flap.  Then, we used an article (from Read Works) as our modeled part of the lesson. During this lesson, students used the non-fiction text features (headings,subheadings, bold print, photographs, captions, glossary, and charts). The students made predictions on post-it notes. This is what you see in the pictures. Students were given a chose of non-fiction books and/or articles to practice independently. They wrote their predictions from SURVEYING on the back of their folding booklet.

How do you conquer non-fiction?

Stay tuned for post 3---Question---using SQ3R




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