Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Honor of National Scrabble Day

I thought I would share a Word Work idea in honor of National Scabble Day.
I like to use lessons from a variety of sources. Some are Making Words by Patricia Cunninham and Dorothy Hall and Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use  by Patricia Cunningham. At the beginning of the year, we play the "making words" way. However, as the year progresses,we play with me giving the students the letters and thestudents  making as many words as they can- substituting  beginning sound, medial sound, ending sound, substituting the vowel(s), and yes simply just looking around the room and making a word. The students organize their words and read their words. Then, we play the game  together in a similar manner using the vocabulary substitute the : beginning sound, medial sound, ending sound, make a plural, change the blend, change the vowel, etc. . We do not always sort, but most of the time (especially at the beginning of the year as the students are understanding words.)  The students love to do this whole group, small group, with a partner, or individually. Here is a template for the students to use for Making Words.

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