Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spin, Count, and Record--A Money Game

Here is a game my class absolutely LOVES! It is so easy! I use it to introduce how to count money. I use a spinner that I can write on and the overhead or digital camera and screen . (My school has two smartboards-housed in the media center.) Anyway, I begin just using pennies and nickels as direct instruction. Then, I transfer to math tub (group games) and last individual game. I proceed with pennies and dimes. Then, we use pennies, dimes, nickels. Last, we use pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.Of course, this takes several daysand/or weeks (depending on your class). Once, they understand how to play--It is "easy, breezy!" Students can count money before you know it. I have even used this game with kinders. Just add a spinner and money--Let the fun begin!

Click here to download Spin, Count, & Record


  1. I wasn't able to download the game, could you check the link? Thank you!

  2. I believe the link is fixed.
    Now I deleted the pic, but will fix this afternoon. The pic is on my computer at home.
    Thanks-Busy Bee