Thursday, April 28, 2011

Non-Fiction vs.Fiction


Teaching real vs. make believe is one thing, and teaching non-fiction vs. fiction is definitely another.
This week we have been learning many things about the rain forest in fiction and non-fiction stories. Today, we are taking time to note the differences in a fiction passage/story and a non-fiction passage/story. The discussion also lended a lesson to those higher-order thinkers on realistic fiction. I found a cool non-fiction graphic organizer to help with creating a t-chart. We explored books from our unit reading shelf. Then, the students sorted the books from their book boxes. They shared the titles and told why they thought the book was fiction or non-fiction. Then, they completed a t-chart of their own with titles and features of fiction and non-fiction similar to the one we completed together (shown in picture above).

Today, I also read  (well sang with the help of my students as the song/story grew)The Rainforest Grew All Around. This was a perfect book to discuss realistic fiction.

Definitely excited about sharing our projects tomorrow. The students worked hard today and will complete tomorrow. Check back to see their great work!


  1. Thanks for you post about upper grade blogs....too bad I didn't find your blog before. You have great ideas. I will still be blogstalking you!

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