Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain Forest Run

     This week we are learning about the rain forest. We started our study creating a KWL chart.
I just love it when the What We Want to Learn questions are exactly what is planned to teach. We discovered where rain forest are located using this cool activity: Using a world map, place a piece of black yarn across the equator. Then using blue yarn, stretch a piece of yarn across the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Explain that the world's rain forests lie on both sides of the equator and are bordered by two more imaginary lines. As children explore vooks and maps during the rain forest unit, encourage them to look at the classroom world map too and compare and contrast.

After exploring, the rain forest through books, pictures, and The Magic School Bus : In the Rainforest. (I If you do not own the video; and you have access to Discovery Education you can view from there too.), we learned a cute song I found this morning about the layers of the rain forest.

Click to here: Layers of the Rainforest
Sing to "If Your Happy and You Know It

Later, we created the Rainforest in 3D and discussed the various layers.

 I am very excited about this week's homework. The students have each been given a different rain forest animal and a couple of facts to get them started. They are to answer simple questions: Name, habitat, diet, and other interesting facts about the animal. They are encouraged to use other resources to help them with their research. Some internet sites that help might include:

Enchanted Learning
National Geographic
MongaBay for Kids
Rainforest Alliance

Seems like a lot for Day 1--I'M TIRED! Stay tuned for Day 2!

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