Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Know You Teach First Grade When....

Okay-Once again, I have been inspired by my friend, as well as The Inspired Apple.

You know you are a first grade teacher when....
1. You stop by a kiosk at Universal Studios to pose as a "Thing" just so your students can see.
2. You discuss good choices and bad choices at the dinner table.
3. You get excited about using spinners, cubes, and dice during math games.
4. You use the restroom at certain times of the day.
5. You sing off key and your students do not care because they follow your  lead.
6. Your teacher bulletin board behind your desk is filled with love notes, coloring sheets, and pictures given to you just this year by your students.
7.  You look for items that you can use in your classroom for calendar time, centers, reading, and/or math.
8. You blogstalk during Spring Break to look for creative, new ideas to use in your classroom upon return on your phone while driving to the beach.
9. You sing Kid Songs in the car (well, I do have an excuse--I have a one year old, seven year old, and a ten year old.)
10. You love teaching students how to read, write, and do math. First Grade is where my heart and soul are--I love the smile on my students' faces each morning as I greet them and the hugs I receive as they leave each day.

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