Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Read to Someone/Partner Reading and a F

Do your students partner or pair read?
Research shows that partner reading is a fluency strategy. Of course, students are practing their reading, but they are also practicing using fluency while reading together. Some teachers allow students to choose their partner, and some teachers choose student partners. While some teachers, do both. When teachers choose partners, more fluent readers should be paired with less fluent, or students who read at the same level should be partners. While partner reading, students can choral read, echo read, one student read one page and one student read the other page (sentence, paragraph, or chapter).  Partner reading also requires cooperation. Of course, you need to teach your students the procedures and expectations for Read to Someone/Partner Reading portion of your day. When partners are reading some expectations might include sitting elbow to elbow and knee to knee. This is called EEKK. Students must also sit with the book so that both can see the book (usually in the middle where their knees touch.)  Here is a little chart for your students to remember.

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  1. Yes, we EEKK read in my 3rd grade classroom, although admittedly not as often as I would like as time does permit for this to be a daily activity. This is a goal of mine for next year-increase my EEKK reading. Thanks for the sign it is way cuter than the one I have in my room!!!