Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Watch Out Pool/BeachHere We Come (with all our stuff)

Yesterday Third Grade Rockstar posted about a cute linky party that Meggy is having over at Chasing Davies called What's In Your Beach Bag. I thought well since we teachers live for summer (lol) and our favorite nine weeks (We can't say months-June, July, and August anymore.) are summer (lol), then I  thought I would join in on some fun.

Now BEFORE, I post my bag remember that I have three kids. Don't be overwhelmed, but know that I am prepared (somewhat and hopefully) with most of this stuff most of the time.

A big bag is a must for a mommy with three kids. This year I have chosen this brown and white bag by Thirty One.

The must takes are shown here: Life Vest for Austin, Floaties for Dylan, and goggles for Ashleigh. Sunblock with 30 SPF for the boys and SPF 8 for Ashleigh and I. We all use the face stick with SPF 30. (Well, I use a cream that I apply at home.)  We always take a water ball or balls, water frisbee (must be at Pappy and Grandma's) , and a noodle (at Pappy and Grandma's).Some drinks (usually soda and lemonade--in this picture there is Minute Maid Lemonade, but the boys are not too picky. Sometimes I take Capri Sun juice boxes of Lemonade or Fruit Punch. Other times we take Minute Maid juice boxes of Apple Juice.)  This year we have been using the pool and Pappy and Grandma's house (my in-laws) because we live closer. Therefore, we don't have to pack our bag too full with snacks (Cheez-Its, Goldfish, proteind bars, sandwiches, apples, pears, grapes,etc). We can just leave at their house.  In the past years, we used the neighborhood pool which had a restaurant. We had an account and would usually order chicken tenders, french fries, chicken salad sandwiches, if needed. We ALWAYS got ice cream. We occasionally use my sister's pool too and our bag is light then also.

Here are a few more things we might take on occasion:
 a kick board
 shovels (sometimes a duck or two)
water gun(s) and extra floaties

All in all, the pool brings lots of fun in the sun. Just remember to re-apply your sunblock.

Stay safe!

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