Saturday, July 28, 2012

What inspires you?-Schema Freebie

What inspires you?

Some people say


Others say caffeine

While others say coffee or some sort of energy drink

But the real truth is...

  that our background knowledge and experiences are fuel to learning.
Whether you call it background knowledge, prior knowledge, or schema I believe through using schema the students can "light of fire" for learning. Many students do not come to school with the background knowledge so it is our job to help them acquire some of this knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago...

I was inspired my watching my niece as she tended to her horses

my nephew as he told me things about Legos

my second son as he played with cars

my daughter as she read a science fiction book, The Marvelous Effect

my first son as he chose the movie he wanted to view

I thought....

this is the

Beginning of one's schema

so I decided to create a schema song poster and I Am the Expert Mini-Project.

I found a song I teach my students when I teach schema. I found it years ago on a teacher website
Reading Power by A. Gear

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